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Responsible tourism

For more than 15 years, Mandala Tour has been a leader in walking holidays, with a strong focus on social and environmental responsibility. Since the beginning of our activity, Responsible Tourism has been an integral part of our core values and responsible behaviour is promoted throughout the entire company. We design our tours to have minimal environmental impacts and to ensure long-term benefits to the local communities.

Our Commitments at Mandala Tour

  1. We encourage sustainable tourism, promoting activities that respect the integrity of the environment.
  2. We offer hospitality in small and family run hotels, reflecting the character of the destination.
  3. We use local transport such us buses, trains, small boats.
  4. We provide meals using local food from local producers, wherever possible.
  5. We run our trips in small groups, from 4 to 15 people maximum.
  6. We encourage the pursuit of diversity (biological, social or cultural) forging links between travellers and local people , providing real social and cultural exchanges.
  7. We supports designated projects in the communities in which we travel.
  8. We run our offices in a responsible manner by monitoring, and where possible reducing, our energy usage, as well as recycling.
  9. We provide regular training to our staff in the principles and practices of responsible tourism.
  10. We have a clear commitments with working standards. The employees are part of the decision making process and their safety and well-being on the job is promote

Mandala tour supports garudanepal

Thanks again for your support.
To give you an idea of ​​chronological actions Garuda:

Earthquake April 25, 2015, the replicas may 5: 5 districts affected on 12 in Nepal.
8000 dead only because it happened at noon on Saturday which is school day and all the people were in the fields.
Otherwise it could have been 10 times that ...

Phase 1: emergency aid for 3 months, distribution of food, medicine and first aid, blankets, plates, seeds in many villages (see video 1 on the garudanepal website).

Phase 2: After the abundance of spontaneous donations to the base camp Trek and Garuda reconstruction project of 3 elementary schools (50 children in each) in the villages 3 hours Kathmandu (district of Kavre). Started in October 2015 - completed in January 2018

Phase 3: following a large private donation and the investment of 2 guides, reconstruction Gairimudi high school
with the help of volunteers from the French association Rock and Wood master builder
Availability to rebuild noble materials (stone and slate) and naturally antiseismic. So more important costs added to the bad will of the authorities ...

Financial and administrative difficulties: so far we have not yet recognized the completion of the work of the 3 schools by the Ministry of Social Affairs or the permission to start construction of the 4 school (after 2 years of formalities ...)

Today this last school is almost over. We have to stop work at the end of May (most viewed for the French!) And come back on September 1st. The school will be operational for half during the monsoon (June-September) and completed at the end of September 2018.



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