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Tuesday, 31 January 2017 00:00

Earthquake in Central Italy

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Eartquake finale


About the earthquake's impact in the area
Fiastra is a small mountaineering village of about 600 people. It is located in the heart of the Monti Sibillini National Park, an area, in Central Italy, that has recently been shocked by many serious earthquakes. The population, whose majority has been evacuated on the accommodation facilities and hotels of the coast, lives with the uncertainty of their immediate future: almost all the houses were damaged, some areas were completely destroyed and all the public facilities were condemned.
All the area has seen a significant increase in tourist numbers in the last few years, finally expressing the formidable touristic opportunities imagined with the creation of the National Park.
Fiastra is an easy destination to be reached, very close to the mountain range, setting of a beautiful lake that is nestled into a hillside high context, offering a wide range of recreational activities (hiking, kayak, biking) that over time have been developed.

Challenge of the project

The natural house's guides
The project aims to build a natural building in Fiastra, characterized by a high level of energy savings, suitable to host in this first phase all of those - involved in mountaineering activities who have always worked in the North area of the Sibillini Mountains - that have lost all or part of their homes, due to the earthquake.

A natural building is first an earthquake-resistant building, over conventional building systems include the advantages of renewable nature, cost, easy availability, naturally fire-retardant and high insulation value. The house , on two floors, should be able to accommodate 12 people and be destined later in a Guest House in support of the wider circuit of the "Grande Anello dei Sibillini", a 8 days trekking across Umbria and Marche Apennines.

The goals
The project has already been shared with all the groups involved: the Monti Sibillini National Park would provide the edification area and Fiastra Municipality the technical department expertise for the urbanization.

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1 Goal: The project drawing (house drawing) - € 9.000
2 Goal: The urbanization stage - € 30.000
3 Goal: The materials - € 90.000
4 Goal: The construction phase - € 100.000
Final goal: Make the operating structure by September 2017

The priority to start the project is to have the project drawing done, so we start by asking for the € 8500.
IBAN - IT44O0335901600100000155485 registered to Ricostruiamo Fiastra

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