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Discovery Holidays (6)

Cooking, Culture and Country lifeSicily is becoming one of the "hot" wine regions in Italy. They have their own unique grape varieties that give wines filled with fruit and freshness. "Nero d'Avola", for example, makes…
Italy's wine capital & timeless villages framed by the AlpsDiscover the landscapes of the Langhe region of northern Italy set between the Alps and the Apennine mountains, famous from the rolling vineyards and the Barolo…
A journey in the spur of the Italian boot. Puglia is a concentration of history, culture, good food and beautiful landscapes. Having always been a mandatory passage to and from the east, this region has…
An historical journey by car through the AgesExperience the unique character of Sicily with a mix of walking and sightseeing. The greatest Greek temples the finest Roman mosaics, World Heritage baroque palaces, ancient stone hilltop…
A great combination of charming tourist destinations and celebrated cuisine On the south side of the rugged "Sorrentine Peninsula", which separates the gulfs of Naples and Salerno, lies the famously picturesque Amalfi Coast, a region…
Great mix between culture and active volcanoesKnown as the Greater Greece by the Romans, Sicily is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. Starting from Palermo, capital of Sicily, you will discover the…

Location Sicily

italia Sicilia


Trips note: MOTSICD4TG

Destination: Sicily
Travel style : discovery holiday
Interest: Volcanoes; Beaches & Coastal hiking
Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
Departures: J F M A M J J A S O N D
Group size: from 4 to 15 people
Airport: Palermo ; Catania